French Riviera Scent

French Riviera Scent

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This aroma emerges just as salty marine air mingles with the essence of aquatic florals and sea grasses that have been sun-kissed with ozonic nuances, as beach flowers wrapped in coconut water, add a hint of sweetness.

Fragrance Notes

  • TOP NOTES: Coconut Water,Bamboo,Lime,Pepper
  • MIDDLE NOTES: Orange Flower,Sea Grass,Palm Leaf,Fig
  • BASE NOTES: Vetiver,Cedar,Moss,Vanilla,Marine Sea Salt

INFUSED ESSENTIAL OILS: Orange, cedar-wood, Mandarin, Lavender.

**All scents appear at a zero dollar value as they need to be paired with a candle vessel. Scents cannot be purchased individually without a candle vessel.

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